Feel the Vibe?

Can you believe it? The Good Vibe Vixens are almost four-month-old. My friend and creator of the group, Effie Q., is rocking it. Our group grew in the last few months; we had many fantastic events. Women finally have a safe space where they can be themself and meet other females with more in common.

(If you like to join the group make sure you are 21+ and live in El Paso, TX and surrounding area, also please answer all the questions)

Effie and her team are working hard to keep the women entertained and engaged. The giveaways are always on point, online meet and sip, all the events are fun online or in person, and who doesn't like to have a game or themed nights with a bunch of females?

Good Vibe Vixens had the biggest meet and greet two weeks ago. The group rented a movie theater, watched The Black Phone, had lunch and drinks, and could chat and flirt with each other.

The group merchandise is also growing. Oh, you didn't know the group had their merch? Head to Good Vibe Vixens – Queer Queen Studio and see for yourself.

We thank the Good Vibe Vixens, Effie, and the team for such a great space to be just ourselves. I hope you all help grow this space and keep it safe.

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